Nightstand Facelift

Do you ever look around your home and realize you have something hideous in it?  I did that.  We had some nightstands that had stepped out of the 60’s.  No joke.  They were my Grandma’s and I’m pretty sure they really WERE from the 60’s.  Now I’m not exactly a sentimental soul, but I like […]

Time Saving Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Be Efficient

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. 24.  If you have more than 24, well, I can’t help you. You’ll need a professional for that.  Everyone has different responsibilities they have to accomplish in a day.  So while we CAN’T compare our lives to other peoples, we CAN take care of our […]

How To Get Stuff Done With Kids: Part 2

Ever wonder how some people are able to get stuff done with kids? Me too.  I’m learning what’s been working for us, but sometimes I have to wonder if there’s a magical way to be super productive with kids.  I feel as though I’m finally finding a few ways with my own kids. I always […]

How To Make Minimalism Fit Your Lifestyle: Why I’m A Halfway Minimalist

Halfway Minimalist: Someone who adapts minimalism to fit their lifestyle.  I’ve come to consider myself a halfway minimalist.  It’s not a real term that I know of, and I haven’t found it anywhere else, but it’s a fitting description.  I have to be honest- I don’t like to do anything halfway. If I’m going to […]

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Just a little over two weeks away from Christmas folks! Time to panic. Just kidding don’t panic unless you need to. This year I set out to be ahead of the gift giving game.  I wanted to get all of my Christmas shopping and gift making DONE by the end of November. Did it happen? […]

5 Ways To Build Your Home Business Today

You’ve begun your home business and couldn’t be more excited.  But now that you’ve started it, you’re not entirely sure what the next step is.  Here are five simple ways to build and expand your home business that you can do today. Building your own home business can be an exhausting and often times overwhelming […]

Secrets To Successfully Working From Home

Working from home always sounds like a dream to most people.  Quite often people get this idea in their head that when you “work from home” you sit around sipping coffee all day and checking email sporadically. Which is true. Sometimes. And by sometimes I mean once. Like when you’re on vacation for one day […]

5 Minute Makeup Routine

Simplifying life is good.  It frees up more of our time to do what we enjoy.  For instance, I am not a makeup artist.  I’m just not. I like makeup. I really do. I like what makeup does for my face.  But I am not gifted at making a makeup masterpiece like some people.  In […]

Our Top 10 Favorite Kids Books For Toddlers

We love to read in our house. We read so many books yet I’m beginning to think I have them all memorized because we read them ALL so often!  My two year old LOVES books, which actually surprises me since normally sitting still just doesn’t happen in his world…And when he wants to read books […]

5 Minute Nails

Painted nails always have a way of making a person look classier.  It immediately shows that that they take care of themselves. While we don’t like to judge people based on looks, that’s often the first thing we noticed about someone is the visual.  If you are wanting someone to see that you think you […]